Welcome to the Leotechs!


16350301974_2dcc6a099c_oThe Lithia Spring High School Robotics Team, known as the Leotechs, competes annually in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We are a high school robotics team currently comprised of 44 students and at least 4 mentors and adults that help out with the team.


In the 2015 FRC Peachtree Regional, our team made it to the semi-finals and ended in the
4th seeded alliance with 2 other teams. The 2016 FRC season will mark the 4th year that our school’s robotics team has been competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition.


For the years beyond, we are focusing more on 16946780556_7334a326e5_ocommunity outreach and interacting with the community. We have recently participated in the Douglas County September Saturday’s Festival where we raised funds for our club and interacted with the Douglas County community, increasing our presence. 


As our website progresses in its age, more content will be added so stay tuned!